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We’re thrilled to introduce Eastside HorseShare, a premier riding experience brought to you by our dedicated team and a fresh fleet of horses. This exclusive program allows riders to select from our group of horses, tailor membership plans, and schedule consistent riding lessons. Let’s discover the joy of riding with Eastside HorseShare!

Your Schedule, Your Horse

We’re excited to introduce HorseShare and we know you’re just as eager to hear the details! Our HorseShare program offers a structured yet flexible riding schedule that accommodates both your needs and those of your new four-legged friend. By booking with us, you commit to a consistent four hour session, three-day-a-week riding schedule over a 12-week quarter, which includes a week for the horse to spell. During the booking process, you’ll have the opportunity to choose your preferred times for these sessions. Once booked, these slots are yours for the quarter, ensuring that each ride is a step forward in building a deep, rewarding connection with your chosen horse.

Building Bonds, Riding Together

Your selected horse will be exclusively yours during these times, giving you the chance to truly bond and enjoy a unique equestrian experience. Our program is designed not just for riding but for building lasting partnerships and creating unforgettable moments at Eastside HorseShare. Join us to forge a deep connection with your new equine companion at Eastside HorseShare, where your equestrian adventure awaits!

Meet The Fleet






Tiered Riding Levels

There will be three levels that will incur different price points:

Level 3:

For riders aged over 16 years old and with competent experience

starting from $ 480/ week

Level 2:

For riders aged over 12 years old and intermediate experience.

starting from $ 580/ week

Level 1

For riders younger than 12 years old or riders of all ages with novice experience.

starting from $ 680/ week

Explore Our HorseShare Package

What does the cost include:
What do I get:

Eastside HorseShare
Registration Process

New Client

Welcome Lesson

a private lesson with one of our school horses

Current Client

Seek Advice

Get advice from your coach on which horse might be best for you

Trial Lesson

a private lesson with one of our shared horses

Consultation / Further Advice

Sign Contract

Enjoy your Eastside HorseShare Journey!

HorseShare Trials
Introductory Sessions

All HorseShare horses are now available for trial and introductory sessions. Minimum availability is now showing, and more will be added over the next few days and weeks.

1 Hour Welcome Lesson

* 1 x one hour private lesson is required for new clients only.

Weekday $ 170
Weekend $ 210

1 Hour Trial Lesson

* Please note, 1 x one hour trial lesson is required before any HorseShare commitment

$ 170

30 Minute groundwork

* supervised and no riding

$ 40

Consultation, discussions & suitability

$ 20

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Last Updated: May 17, 2024

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All About Me

Hey! I’m Red, a 16.2hh chestnut Thoroughbred gelding. At 14 years old, I’ve gathered quite a bit of experience in dressage, jumping, adult riding club, clinics, and trail rides. I’m known for my confident yet gentle demeanor. I love to move forward and explore, but I keep things chill—not too fast or feisty.

I'm Awesome at

I’m a bit of an all-rounder with a talent for dressage and jumping, and I’m always keen for a good clinic or a peaceful trail ride. My ability to go forward willingly makes me a great partner for various equestrian activities, and I’m especially comfortable cruising around Centennial Parklands.

Things I Love

Exploring the park and spending quality time in the stable are some of my favorite activities. I love licking your palm and nuzzling during cuddles. Grooming sessions and gentle moments with you create a bond filled with joy. I’m always up for all the fun and adventures we can find together!


All About Me

Hello! I’m Odin, an 8-year-old, 16.2hh black Percheron gelding. I’m the calm and gentle type, making me the perfect buddy to hang out with if you’re looking to chill before or after a busy day. You’ll usually find me taking it easy, but I’m always ready for a good time.

I'm Awesome at

I’ve got a pretty cool résumé – I’ve been in street parades and even jousting. Yep, I’ve carried an armored knight before! Besides these exciting adventures, I really shine during flatwork in the arena. I’m a pro at keeping things smooth and steady.

Things I Love

I adore visits to Centennial Park—it’s my favorite spot! I’m a gentle giant at heart and nothing makes me happier than brightening your day. If you’re up for some relaxed time or some neat tricks in the arena, I’m your guy. Let’s have some fun together and enjoy the ride!~


All About Me

Hey there! I’m Jay, a 14.3hh paint gelding. I’m soft and forward-going, making me ideal for riders who are confident and know their stuff. You can find me hanging out at Eastside, all ready for fun activities and some cuddles.

I'm Awesome at

I’m pretty zippy and love to stay busy! Whether it’s competing, learning new things at clinics, hanging with friends at pony club, or hitting the trails, I’m always up for an adventure. I bring lots of energy and enthusiasm to everything I do.

Things I Love

I’m all about spending time with people – it’s the best! I really enjoy being brushed and made to look cool. Getting pampered and showered with attention? Yes, please! Whether we’re just goofing around or doing something a bit more planned, I’m happiest when I’m part of the action.


All About Me

Hi there, I’m Blue! As you might have guessed from my buddy Red, I’m the other colorfully named horse here. I’m a 15hh grey gelding, 10 years young, and a pro at jumping. I’ve got a confident vibe and maintain a great rhythm while being ridden, making me a hit on the course and in the ring.

I'm Awesome at

Jumping is my jam — I absolutely love it! I’ve taken part in competitions, gymkhana days, adult riding clubs, and various clinics. I’m all about keeping things lively and engaging, which helps me excel in these high-energy environments.

Things I Love

Besides jumping, I really enjoy a good grooming session — it’s like a spa day for me! I am lucky to have had the chance to hang out at Kirsten’s house and get to know her kids before coming to CPEC. I’m excited to explore city living and ready for some adventures with you in the big city!


All About Me

Hey everyone, I’m Alfie! I’m your friendly, cheeky part-Welsh grey gelding at a neat 14.2hh. I’ve been around Eastside for ages and know every nook and cranny of this place. If you’re looking for fun and a bit of mischief, I’m your guy!

I'm Awesome at

I’ve got a bit of a history in the competition circuit, showing off my skills in jumping and dressage. Recently, I’ve decided that the regular riding school routine is just too tame for me—I’m ready for more of a challenge! I’m eager to team up with more experienced riders who can help me strut my stuff and get back into the thrill of the competition.

Things I Love

I’m all about cuddles and challenging activities. I thrive with confident riders who are looking for a special bond with a special pony like me. Whether we’re at the Equestrian Centre or exploring Centennial Parklands, I’m comfortable and ready to go. Just a heads up, though—since I’m still a part of the riding school, my time for these exciting adventures might be a bit limited. Let’s make the most of it and have some fun!